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Articles on Humanity and Related Topics:

What is Humanity? (Simon Rees, 2007)


The rest of this section is under construction and articles will be added here later.

In the meantime, as the compiler of these pages, I would like to share with you my hope for humanity by extending a small blessing. This is the aspiration which motivated the creation of this web resource: I wish for each reader, including myself, that. . .

  • Love may more easily, purely and continually enter each gesture, posture, worldview, circumstance and motivation, for the greater benefit of ourselves, others and the rest of existence!

  • Whatever is discovered at this web resource may in one way or another help ultimately bring us closer to our deepest heart's desires!

I hope you find these pages enjoyable, helpful and informative, and thank you for your interest. Please contact us if you have any humanitarian articles or links of interest to contribute or recommend.

Simon Rees, Galway, Ireland, January 2007.

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