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Articles on Mystery and Related Topics:

A Favourite Passage from the Mystic Osho on the Mystery of Life

More articles will be added here later on topics related to science and human knowledge, or any other essentially mysterious matter!

Science is a pursuit of knowledge, yet the area of 'knowledge' is only ever a small and temporary theoretical domain of human life; there is a much larger area taken up by 'mystery,' which forms the essence of life and existence, and which drives all scientific enquiry and artistic endeavour.

This page is being prepared in support of the sciences, and in particular the scientific process of enquiry; above all, this means that it is a tribute to the essential mysteries at the heart of life. It is good, and fun, and useful, to inquire into these mysteries, and to hypothesize and test likely resolutions - but at the same time, we can still reserve the greatest admiration and wonder for the mysteries themselves - to celebrate the fundamental sense of mystery which pervades everything we have ever seen, thought and experienced!

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